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Use the tool below to schedule a free consultation.  This is the best way for you and I do determine if we're a good fit to work together.

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Initial sessions are 75-90 minutes and are $200, ongoing bi-monthly sessions are $150*

Initial sessions are 50 minutes and are $175, ongoing bi-monthly sessions are $125*

* I reserve a small number of spaces for low-income clients at a reduced rate.  Call me for a consultation to discuss payment if you need.



  • Add shame or judgment to your experience (there's already too much of that in the world)
  • Deem your sexual behavior fantasy wrong, abnormal, or unhealthy (so long as you only enact fantasies with consenting adults or on your own)
  • Treat mental illness, so you won't receive a diagnosis, assessment or treatment for mental health conditions
  • Treat substance abuse issues, but I can refer you to several great folks who do
  • Support couples who are actively violent with one another- your safety needs to come first, then our work together can begin


  • Use a sex-positive framework and vast knowledge of healthy sexuality to support your relationship
  • Create a plan (with you) to change the way you do relationships
  • Help you listen and communicate effectively
  • Focus on and enhance your strengths
  • Find possibility where you feel really stuck
  • Create a judgment-free space for you to identify your needs clearly
  • Listen and empathize with what's really going on for you
  • Keep momentum and hope alive - even when it's hard for you to do so