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Thank you for your interest in the Opening Up Relationship Retreat!  There are just a few quick steps to finalize your registration.  

First, submit the participant forms below (one per registrant) and submit your payment.  Your space is reserved once the forms and payment are received (watch for your email confirmation).  

Finally, review the preparation information and Q&A sections to prepare for our shared experience.  

I look forward to taking this journey with you.  Please let me know if you have any questions along the way. 

I'm here to support you!  Gina





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I ask all retreat participants to consider their mindset as a critical piece in the success of this experience.  Please review the learning agreements below as you prepare for our retreat.

As a retreat participant I acknowledge that:

  • in the past some of my choices have negatively impacted those around me, including those I love, and myself,
  • there is a possibility I will repeat these past choices as patterns in the future,
  • change and growth are not linear processes,
  • I want to improve quality of life and reduce stress for myself and those I care for by changing my relationship patterns.

In order to deepen my awareness to grow and learn in this process I will:

  • give myself space to have fun, experiment, create and change my mind,
  • stay open to feedback and willing to learn from my partner, and others I care for,
  • offer consensual compassionate feedback to my partner and/or other participants,
  • offer feedback to my facilitator/coach if the process needs adjustment for my learning style,
  • examine my inner resistance and limiting beliefs, actions, and reactions and
  • ask for support, advice, encouragement, empathy, resources, and tools when I need,
  • pace myself as I work through tools and resources,
  • commit to completing planned personal work between meetings and after the event.

In order to create meaningful lasting change in my relationship patterns, I will:

  • pay attention to the choices I make and claim responsibility for them,
  • seek to understand the consequences of my choices (including those I didn’t intend),
  • not use the actions of others as excuses for my choices,
  • do all I can to repair negative impact done by my chosen actions or omissions,
  • explore the patterns of behavior that lead to my actions and omissions,
  • address and change unhealthy, out-of-balance, and/or harmful patterns,
  • practice self-compassion, giving myself permission to make mistakes as I shape new patterns,
  • extend this practice of compassion to my partner and understand they will make mistakes as they learn, grow, and shape new patterns. 


Our retreat core values are belonging, creativity, self-awareness, and renewal.  

We invite all participants to explore these in the context of their relationships with themselves, with other participants, and with the folks they return home to.

BELONGING - We strive for an inclusive environment free from cool kid tables and mean girl shit.  This community is based in compassion and care across differences.

CREATIVITY - We know growth requires dreaming, learning and mistake-making and respect each other's process.  

SELF-AWARENESS - We engage in reflection, curiosity, and self-compassion to bring greater awareness.  We respect our own and each other's boundaries.

RENEWAL - We go on retreats to renew and refresh our relationships with ourselves and those close to us.  We honor the space each of us to replenish our connections. 



  • You are considering opening your relationship

  • You've been practicing consensual non-monogamy for a short while and want help through the bumps that have come up.  

  • You're ready to change your old relationship patterns

  • You want to think outside the box about building healthy relationships

  • You're not into doing love the way everyone else does just because it's what everyone else does

  • You want more people around you who are exploring healthy alternatives in love

  • You're interested in talking with other fun folks about love, sex, and relationships

  • You're able to think creatively without judgment and want to hear other folks experiences

  • You're not open to reflection, learning about relationships, or personal growth

  • You hate the Pacific Northwest

  • You can't hear about other kinds of relationships or sexualities without judgment or laughter

  • You only want to come to hook up (connections do happen of course, but they're not the primary goal here)

  • You don't believe socialization, racism, sexism, homophobia are real things

  • You can't respect other people's boundaries

  • You can't respect other people's privacy


Please complete the information below to register for the retreat.


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Thank you for joining us! Please finalize your payment to complete your registration.

You'll receive an email with more information regarding the retreat the week before the event.  If you have questions in the meantime please contact Gina at

When is it?

MAY 19 & 20, 2018 12:00-4:00 PM


Where is it?  How do I get there?  

The retreat is in a gorgeous home in Southwest Portland, OR.  It's easily accessible by bus or car. Once you're registered you'll receive an email with all the specifics.


Where do we stay?

You're going to book your own lodging where you'll feel most comfortable.


What should I pack?

Weather in Oregon is always a little wild.  It is likely to be sunny but plan for rain and wear layers because you're probably going to want to walk through the beautiful acres of forest and garden on the property.

Our retreat is all indoors so we'll be warm and cozy.  Wear something comfortable for your body.  


Are meals included?

Beverages and ample snacks will be provided (options inclusive of gluten free, vegan, and sugar-free diets) to keep you comfy during the day.  

Meals are one of the best times for you to build community with other participants. And for some they are the best chance to take a break, reflect, and regroup alone.  


What if I need space?  I'm an introvert- will there be any alone time?  Weekends are my only chance to regroup. Will there be space to rest?  

We build in lots of breaks so you can reflect, renew, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.  

If you need more time let us know- we can work with you.


Is this retreat for couples only? Can I come without a partner? Will there be single people there?

Yes there will be single people there.  Typically the retreat is about half couples and half individuals.  

If you come with a friend, date, or partner, please note the workshops are designed to interact with lots of folks (not just the one you came with) and we emphasize inclusion and non-judgment.  Please be aware of your actions in the group to help support those outside your group/pair to feel welcome.


Is this for straight people?  Will there be other queers at the retreat?

This retreat is open to all sexualities, gender identities, and gender expressions.  Straight people who can embrace other sexualities as equal to their own are welcome.  Queers who can compassionately interact with straight folks are always welcome.

For what it's worth, typically the retreats are attended by about 50% straight-ish folks and 50% LGBTQ-ish folks.  


Is everyone there polyamorous?  Is this just for open relationships?  What if we're monogamous?

We welcome participants from all kinds of relationships and we do not judge either monogamy or non-monogamy as inherently better than the other. The focus of our conversation will be largely exploring models and boundaries to consider with open minds and hearts. 

If we're all connected to our core values and intentions, no two relationship structures will look exactly alike- and we celebrate that.

Some participants are in open relationships or open marriages.  They often are seeking a space where they can talk with others in relationships like their own about their unique relationship needs without shame or judgment.

Most participants have practiced monogamy but aren't sure if that's what they want to practice forever.  They come to explore possibilities and reflect on what they need (individually and/or together) moving forward. Many leave clearer they want to continue monogamy, others choose to build open relationships.  

This retreat is not about one form of relationship being better than another- instead it's about helping you tailor your relationships to your needs with intention and integrity moving forward.  


Will there be hook up opportunities? Will there be play parties?

Lots of people meet others they're interested in at these retreats which is wonderful. But we try to keep the group spaces inclusive as possible (so no one feels like an outsider) and drama-free (so folks can move through the material without distraction).

Please respect this fine balance if you do feel pulled to connect with another participant.

There will not be play space or nudity at the event, though many participants choose to attend events together after we close at the end of each day.  


What if I meet someone I'm interested in at the retreat?

Lots of people meet others they're interested in at these retreats which is wonderful.  But our primary focus isn't to be a dating or swinging event.  This serves three important functions:

  1. We want the group to feel as inclusive as possible.  Often crushes in community leave others feeling excluded and/or unsafe.  Please respect this fine balance if you do feel pulled to another participant.
  2. Sometimes the thrill and/or heartbreak of new crushes can bring drama to a group. We're here to focus on rethinking relationships in strategic and sustainable ways for all of us.  Please respect the calm this group is seeking even if you feel the rush of new love surfacing.
  3. Not everyone comes to these retreats looking for love. Please respect the boundaries of your fellow participants so they can do the work they came for. 


Can our kids come?  Will there be childcare?

The retreat workshops are kid-free so you (and other participants) can be free from distraction.  

Childcare is not provided.  Some folks have left kiddos home with caregivers, others bring them and have childcare at their hotel or with family at their rental.  


What if I want a refund?

All transactions sold for services are non-refundable, please make sure you are 100% sure you want to attend before purchasing.