In-Person Polyamory Workshops 

6:30 PM Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Northeast Portland, OR

Attend the 90-minute workshop, stay for the Q&A session, and take home all the printable worksheets and tools after the live event.


Online Polyamory Workshops 

Download the workshop recording and use the materials whenever you want.  

Take it all in - all at your own pace!  Recorded 90-minute presentation video, slides, Q&A and worksheets you can download and keep.  Simple.

Polyamory Workshop | Open Relationship Workshop | How to Open Your Relationship

What to expect

After eight years supporting hundreds of non-monogamous couples negotiate their shared agreements for polyamory and open relationships I wanted to share the best practices I've seen.  

Here's the basics you need to know when you're thinking about shifting to a polyamorous, open, or otherwise non-traditional relationship format, based on the best in couples counseling research.

What you'll learn in this two-hour workshop:

  • How to assess if you're ready to open up

  • Considerations and common pitfalls

  • How to manage jealousy and insecurity

  • Examples of agreements that really work

Healthy Polyamory | Poly Relationship | Open Marriage

Polyamory Tools for Couples

You'll also get four worksheets to take home for further reflection and discussion with your sweetie.  

Polyamory WOrksheet | Couples Worksheet | Tools for Relationships

Polyamory Self-Check Worksheet

The essential questions you need to ask to answer: "Am I ready for non-monogamy?"

This tool will help you get clear with yourself- so you can be clear with your love.

Polyamory Workshop Worksheet | Poly Worksheet | open Relationship Worksheet

Sacred Connections Relationship Worksheet

I've identified the most common issues that arise for couples attempting non-monogamy.  

Use this worksheet to address them in your partnership.

Relationship Worksheet | Polyamory Worksheet | Tools for Open Relationship

Open Relationship-Assessment Worksheet

Even if you know you're ready, how do you know your relationship is ready for polyamory?  

Use this tool to get clear- together.

Open Relationship Worksheet | Open Relationship Workshop | Polyamory Tools for Couples

Privacy and Boundaries Worksheet for Couples

Before adjusting the boundaries you have, it's really important to get clear about what they are NOW.  

Use this worksheet to strengthen the boundaries you already have.  

POlyamorous Relationship | Open Marriage | Open Relationship

Thoughts from past participants...

"We have so much more to talk about now.  I am really excited to get home and try this out." - Corrinne, Portland, OR

"I love Gina's energy talking about this stuff! She makes it really easy to understand." - Anya, Portland, OR

"I really appreciate Gina's careful approach to thinking through the decision to open with care.  We'll follow this process for sure."  - Bonnae, Lake Oswego, OR

"I thought we'd done all the prep work, but Gina really gave me some things to think about tonight."  - Mark, Milwaukee, OR

"Now I know how [polyamory] can make us closer- if we're careful." - Kate, Beaverton, OR