Thank you for joining the Polyamory 101 Workshop!

Polyamory Workshop | Polyamory E Course

You can download your copy of the video here.

The workshop is about an hour long- so be sure you set aside time to watch it.  

You'll have access to this video for good, so you can stop along the way to reflect or talk with your sweetheart and come back later.



Then click the images below to download each of the four worksheets to fill out as you follow along.  

Relationship Checklist | Relationship Tool
Couples Worksheet | Nonmonogamy Worksheet
Worksheet for Couples | Polyamory Worksheet

I'm here if you have any questions, or if you want to take this work further.  Please schedule a free consultation and I'll be there to answer your questions.  

What did you think of the workshop?  I would love to incorporate your feedback into the next workshop.  Share your thoughts below...

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