Most of us learn better in groups.  Learning in this supportive community will help you to

  • Learn communication tools to ask for what you need

  • Face jealousy and insecurity with grace when they arise

  • Learn to set and respect boundaries with compassion and connection

  • Repair when trust is broken, learn to forgive, build trust, and move forward

  • Stay connected, committed, and honest while navigating open relationships

  • Build meaningful supportive friendships with other polyamorous people 

  • Understand the many models of polyamory and non-monogamy and what really works!

Leave the group feeling confident with tools in hand and helpful friends who have your back.

open relationship coaching

Group Consult Coaching Details:

  • We gather every other week via the phone on Wednesdays at noon PST. You’ll get coaching on how you can rely on your unique strengths to build a stronger relationship. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to ask a specific question and get coaching directly from me. You also learns TONS from the others in the group.  


  • You’ll gain access to an exclusive online community space just for us. I’ll be actively participating and encouraging your participation there, because so many polyamorous and non-monogamous people feel so isolated. You don't have to figure it out all alone. These folks “get” you, will help answer your questions, and will support you…and that’s powerful.


  • We will spend 30 minutes together on the phone so I can learn more about you and your relationship patterns as you start the group. 


  • Weekly “open office hour” Fridays at noon PST where you can have 15 minutes one on one with me for laser coaching.


  •  The group is designed that you can join at any time.  



Real relationship change requires investment.

Coaching is most effective when you invest energy beyond our scheduled meetings.

Take a moment to review these considerations before starting coaching:

Time Commitment

Yes, coaching means homework.  During each coaching meeting, we'll decide together what action will give you the biggest return on your investment of time. We’ll determine your “one thing” and you’ll have a list of your next things to complete.

Cultivating a strong open relationship can feel overwhelming, so in coaching we'll focus on small manageable action steps to keep constant movement forward.

Financial Commitment

You'll be billed $199 each month for six months.  This is FAR LESS than ongoing coaching or counseling would cost to do relationship maintenance work.  And even less financially and emotionally expensive than divorce or break up.  

Most of my clients renew their group membership regularly because they value the learning tools and community we've built.  They know the value of proactive relationship maintenance.

Energetic Commitment

Many of us come to coaching wanting change fast.  Yet lasting change takes time.  We're breaking up some long-standing patterns here!  

My clients see the strongest results when they commit to nourishing their relationships with intention for at least six months.  




Do you think polyamory or open relationships are healthier than monogamous ones?

I don't believe monogamy or polyamory defines the health of a relationship.  Both can be healthy and both can be very unhealthy.  Part of this program is helping you decide what form of relationship is best for you right now.

I am single or solo poly, is this group only for folks who are in relationships?  Do I have to be in a relationship to join this group?

Nope, this group has all kinds of relationship structures represented (and many folks who are still not sure which structure is right for them).  Join us.

We're brand new to polyamory or open relationships... is this program for us? 

Yes, you will fit right in.  Most people in this group are relatively new to nonmonogamy.  Before you and I select the right group for you, we'll talk to make sure this is a good fit.

We're not sure if nonmonogamy, polyamory, or open relationships is for us... should we join?

Yes, many of the folks in this group are still working out how and if polyamory is right for them.  Before you and I select the right group for you, we'll talk to make sure this is a good fit.

How do you know so much about polyamory, non-monogamy, and open relationships?

I became interested in polyamory while I was studying to be a therapist in graduate school.  I focused on queer relationships and nonmonogamy as an intern and in research as a graduate student.  When I finished school I studied with John Gottman, Brene Brown, and Tristan Taormino to deepen my understanding of trust building, strong relationships, shame resilience, and open relationships.  

I've since focused my work on polyamory for eight years.  I've also been involved in non-monogamy personally.  You can read more about my training here.

I can't make it to one of the calls- what should I do?

Don't worry, you'll get a link to the recording in your email.  

Is relationship coaching the same as couples counseling or individual therapy?

Nope.  Relationship coaching is the proactive maintenance work most couples need to stay healthy.  It's focused on specific issues, creating change, and moving forward.  Many people in this group say coaching helped them avoid needing counseling.

Couples counseling and psychotherapy are different because they're based in mental health.  They requires specific training and credentials, health diagnostics and screenings.  This program is not mental health treatment, though it could be a supportive compliment to therapy or couples counseling.  If you're looking for couples counseling you can easily find a provider in your area with the right training.