Jealousy in Relationships | Jealousy and Dating | Jealous Wife | Jealous Husband

It's the worst thing you can hear

Being told we're too jealous is one of the last things we ever want to hear from a lover.  It brings up images of insecurity and clingy-ness.  

Nobody thinks being jealous is a compliment because jealousy doesn't look pretty on anyone.

It's the worst thing you can feel

Jealousy is super disempowering. When it shows up most of us have a real hard time keeping cool.  

Often it feels like jealousy is in the driver's seat- and we're being taken for a ride.  This is where jealousy creates huge problems in relationships. 

You don't have to be a jealous person

Learning to manage jealousy is tough work- but it can be done.  I've worked with hundreds of clients 1:1 to stop jealousy in it's tracks.  

I created this course based on ten years of experience helping people stay calm and focused instead of jealous in relationships.

Take back your power 


Jealousy | Jealous Girlfriend | Jealous Boyfriend | too jealous
Jealousy makes us miserable and prevents us from progressing spiritually.
— Dalai Lama
Jealous Relationship | Jealous Girlfriend | Jealous Boyfriend | too jealous
Jealous Partner | Jealous Girlfriend | Jealous Boyfriend

Don't you wanna...

Develop the mindset to show up as the BEST YOU everywhere you go? 

Stop feeling out of control with worry, obsession, and worst-case-scenario fantasies?

Stop doing sneaky stuff like checking your sweetie's phone?

Create the kind of calm in your relationships and in your heart that can sustain long-term love?


Jealous Partner | Jealous Girlfriend | Jealous Boyfriend

To get there you're gonna need to...

Stop wearing the fake “I got it all together” face- admit this is a problem.

Get crystal clear about the fact that healing takes work and yes… a VILLAGE. You simply cannot go this alone.

Put your big kid pants on (you’ve gotten this far) and accept that you CAN create a different relationship with jealousy.

Invest your time and energy in learning new ways to do this relationship thing- without jealousy.


Jealous Partner | Jealous Girlfriend | Jealous Boyfriend

I know it's way easier said than done... I get it I've been there...

You’ve tried therapy and stuck to it… but it’s time to apply the skills learned.

You called on your family, your sweetheart and your besties… but they just don't understand.

And you’re tired of spending money on women’s wellness conferences, retreats and ‘feel-good-moments’ that leave you excited for like 5 days… then it all wears off.


Jealous Partner | Jealous Girlfriend | Jealous Boyfriend

This course is perfect for you if...

You've been told you're too jealous but you don't know how to change.

You're ready to change the way you think and act in relationships.

You're ready to let go of all the negative self-talk thats keeping you from the kind of healthy relationship you deserve.

You're trying to come out of your protective shell after overcoming some really tough stuff

You're really serious about finding peace of mind in relationships with friends, family, and lovers


Course Starts November 1, 2016

Jealous Partner | Jealous Girlfriend | Jealous Boyfriend | too jealous
Self-love is the foundation for your capacity to love the other person. If you don’t take good care of yourself, if you are not happy, if you are not peaceful, you cannot make the other person happy. You cannot help the other person; you cannot love. Your capacity for loving another person depends entirely on your capacity for loving yourself, for taking care of yourself.
— Thich Nhat Hanh
jealousy e-course | online jealousy class | jealousy cure | stop being jealous
jealousy coach | jealousy cure | how to stop being jealous

Gina Senarighi, MA, MS, CPC is a credentialled coach, author, and retired couples counselor.

I guide people like you… folks who may have dealt with some serious pain and hurt in the past, stay on the path to healthy relationships. I only work with folks who are willing to make the changes and take the steps necessary to make lasting change and create new ways of relating to the people they love.

I created a unique practice, Uncommon Love specifically to help people focus on non-traditional relationships. I also have a virtual support group, for people who engaging in integrity-based non-monogamy for the first time.  We support one another in developing healthy boundaries, communicating effectively and compassionately, and having long-lasting relationships tailored to out unique needs and desires.

My history with jealousy

Even though my parents modeled healthy love for me, I went through years of unhealthy relationships and dating problems.  I was in college when I realized I was in serious need of some healing around jealousy. I had some forgiving and moving on and letting go to do.  

I was making a mess of my relationships and was creating terrible drama in my break ups.  I was a clingy friend and a jealous lover.  Worst of all, I hated the way I was acting but I didn't know how to stop myself. 

After college, when I became a couples therapist, I noticed the scarcity of safe space for non-traditional relationships. There weren’t holistic spaces for them to express themselves, connect with other poly folks, work through jealousy, insecurity, and other relationship patterns that held them back from the love and connection they craved; so I created it.  

I focused my work as a therapist on infidelity, affairs, and non-monogamy for years.  This exploration of non-traditional relationships and trust repair helped me deepen my understanding of the way jealousy worked across all kinds of relationships.  I learned that jealousy was overwhelming far too many of us.

Creating the jealousy course

Over time as a therapist I realized how few of my clients really needed mental health support but how many of them really wanted tools to create change.  They weren't unhealthy, just stuck. So I stopped doing therapy and drew on my ten years experience and training to create a specific coaching program all about jealousy.  

Today this course is the course I wish I had back in the day when I was a young jealous girlfriend.  These materials have helped so many of my coaching and counseling clients over the years I wanted to share them with more of you.  

Whether monogamous or poly, queer or straight, this program is designed to help you manage jealousy, stay grounded, and relate to your loves with clear-hearted connection.


Course Starts November 1, 2016

jealousy e-course | online jealousy class | jealousy cure | stop being jealous

This course is unlike any other

We're Gonna Keep it Real

I will tell you the 100% truth (with love, though). Throughout each lesson you'll find I address what healing means for those of us with jealousy to spare. I'm both a professional, and I'm me. If I can see that you aren’t showing up for yourself, I will tell you. If I can see that it might be time to go back to therapy, I will support you.

We deserve this. We need truth tellers and lovers.

I’m Here for You

From our group calls to the Q+A sessions and the emails you send, I show up for you in the space the best way I can.  I'm here to hold you in the ugly as well as the pretty.

It's Completely Do-Able

I know jealousy feels overwhelming.  Lots of folks come to this class thinking they might never move past it.  This course if full of rich materials broken down into manageable pieces.

Stick to these lessons and I can guarantee a shift in your understanding of jealousy- and with that understanding you can create change- if you want to.  


Course Starts November 1, 2016

Jealous Partner | Jealous Girlfriend | Jealous Boyfriend | too jealous
Envy is your call to action
— Danielle LaPorte
Jealous Partner | Jealous Girlfriend | Jealous Boyfriend | too jealous

Our 30-Days Together Includes:

30+ Engaging, Step-By-Step Video Lessons and Worksheets Made Especially for You— and you get access with one…simple…click.

You'll also get an exclusive invitation to 5 Weekly Coaching Calls and 2 Q&A Office Hour Sessions 

cure jealousy | jealousy ebook | jealousy book | workbook jealousy
Jealous Partner | Jealous Girlfriend | Jealous Boyfriend
Jealous Partner | Jealous Girlfriend | Jealous Boyfriend
Jealous Partner | Jealous Girlfriend | Jealous Boyfriend

Here’s a Brief Sample of What’s Waiting in This Course…

  • Jealousy Self-Assessment (to see what we're working with)

  • Loving a Jealous Partner E-Book (for your sweetheart)

  • Online Jealousy Resource Guide

  • 101 Self-Care Ideas

  • Personal Integrity Workbook

  • Integrity-Fueled Relationships Workbook

jealousy  WORKBOOK | jealousy WORKSHEET | jealousy cure | stop being jealous
jealousy e-course | jealousy WORKBOOK | jealousy cure | stop being jealous
jealousy  WORKBOOK | jealousy WORKSHEET | jealousy cure | JEALOUS GIRLFRIEND

Wait… There’s More!

After the course you'll have the option to stay on after our initial month (for free) for:

  • Members-Only Access to the Online Healing Circle

  • Exclusive Opportunities to Deepen Your Healing

  • Monthly Challenges to Deepen Your Self-Work


Course Starts November 1, 2016

Jealous Partner | Jealous Girlfriend | Jealous Boyfriend | too jealous
It’s insecurity that is always chasing you and standing in the way of your dreams
— Vin Diesel
jealousy e-course | online jealousy class | jealousy cure | stop being jealous

Your Investment


A minimum of three months is recommended to enact lasting change but this course only lasts 30-days.  I recommend setting aside a minimum of 30-minutes daily during the course and into the months after to help integrate this learning.

Take a look at your schedule and make space for change. 


You'll be billed $60.  Thats $2/day to re-create your relationship patterns.  Quite a deal (and far less expensive than 1:1 support or couples counseling). 


Your growth is dependent on your commitment.  We gather weekly for calls, but continuing your work is up to you and your schedule.  

Are you ready for change?  Then plan to invest some energy.

Jealous Partner | Jealous Girlfriend | Jealous Boyfriend | too jealous

You’re Ready to Sign Up If:


  • You understand that healing is work and you're willing to invest time and resources to see change.
  • You’re overwhelmed and you need a little guidance about what to try next.
  • You are committed to creating change in your relationships.
  • You are willing to experience massive mindset shifts.
  • You’re open to new ideas, teachings, and methods and will try what rings true for you.
  • You’re a go-getter and you have/will make the time.
  • You actually seek to learn the strategies and apply them to your life over and over again… with time.
  • You’re crystal clear about the fact that something ain’t right… even if you’re not sure what.

You’re Probably NOT Ready If:


  • You don’t wanna do the work because, well, you don’t feel like it.
  • You’re looking for a replacement to therapy.  If you need mental health support I can help connect you to a therapists, but this course is not therapy.
  • You don’t commit and you’re not ready to change.
  • You’re not down to try new things for your healing
  • You just wanna watch a video, and Viola you’re healed. Nope…Healing takes time, patience, and vulnerability.
  • You’re an information hoarder that doesn’t actually APPLY the resources.
Jealous Partner | Jealous Girlfriend | Jealous Boyfriend | too jealous
An exciting and inspiring future awaits you beyond the noise in your mind, beyond the guilt, doubt, fear, shame, insecurity and heaviness of the past you carry around.
— Debbie Ford
jealousy e-course | online jealousy class | jealousy cure | stop being jealous

When are the calls?

Each call is one-hour long on Wednesdays at 9:00 AM PST.  This fall they will be November 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30th. 

I can't make the live calls -will they be recorded?

Of course.  You'll get a link to download the recordings and they will be yours to return to and learn from forever.

How can I contact you?

Shoot me an email at I'd love to hear from you!

I’m REALLY just hanging by a thread emotionally, is this course for me?

This sounds like you might consider seeking out a mental health professional to help you for a bit. You can find support in your area on Psychology Today or Good Therapy. You're totally welcome to pair this coursework with your professional therapeutic support.

I'm in therapy now, is that cool?

Absolutely! I was a therapist once and am still a HUGE fan of folks seeking 1:1 mental health support.  You may want to share the fact that you are currently in the program with your therapist, it could likely support your healing process there.

I'm single, should I still take this?

Lots of people register for the course when they're single (dating or not) as a way to change patterns before they get out of control.

Can I take this course with my sweetheart?

We love helping couples.  We just ask that you register separately (each registration is intended for one.  Most of the reflections are designed for individual processing, but you can always share on your own.  If things get sticky between you please give me a call for coaching support.  

Where's my bonus materials?

They'll be coming to you November 1, 2016. Be sure you check your spam and promotions folder and add to your safe senders list just in case the emails for this course are going to the wrong spot.

I am not in a polyamorous relationship. Am I welcome?

Jealousy is very real in many different relationships.  This course can work for your jealousy no matter the kind of relationship structure you choose.

Do you work with LGBTQ couples and relationships?

Yup. This material is good for you regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

How do I cancel?  Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds because once you order you'll start receiving the materials in your email.  There's no way to return them- they're yours for good.

How long will it take me to complete the self work?

I recommend blocking off 30 minutes a day minimum to dive into the work.  Some folks take a little longer.  Please don't rush- just take the materials at your own pace.  Many folks choose to go slowly through the materials, miss the calls and download the recordings to listen later.

Do you offer 1:1 support?

I would love to support you as a coach!  There is a live Q&A group call each week, and I'm active in the group answering any questions. I do have a limited number of coaching sessions that may be available.   


Course Starts November 1, 2016

Jealous Lover | Jealous Girlfriend | Jealous Boyfriend | too jealous