Negotiating Agreements for Open Relationships

  • Portland, OR USA

Clear expectations and healthy boundaries are the foundation of any healthy relationship (polyamorous, open, or monogamous). 

Join us to learn critical skills for negotiation and healthy conflict in long-term relationships.

What you'll learn in this two-hour workshop:

  • How to get clear about what you need- and ask your partner in a way they can hear you
  • How to adjust plans when challenges come up
  • How to respond to jealousy and insecurity- without compromising your integrity
  • How to set and adapt boundaries for long-term relationship success
  • What to do with cyclical repeat arguments and conflicts
  • How to repair from misunderstandings, broken trust, and negative conflict patterns.

Attend the 90-minute workshop, stay for the Q&A session, and take home all the printable worksheets and tools after the live event.

June 7
Polyamory 101
June 16