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I love love in all forms.

Maybe the mainstream ideas about relationships aren't a fit for you.  

Maybe you've outgrown the patterns you set up when you first got together and you're ready to try something different.  

Maybe you've realized the models your parents gave you aren't a fit for you and your relationship goals.  

You're ready to re-think relationships and create healthy connection and communication patterns that fit your unique needs.


I can help you...

  • rediscover passion in long-term relationships

  • repair trust after infidelity or dishonesty

  • move past jealousy, insecurity or codependency

  • resolve sexual dysfunction, disconnect and distance

  • break unhealthy communication patterns- and establish sustainable new ones

  • open relationships and practice respectful polyamory 

For the last nine years, I've helped thousands of couples explore sexuality with authenticity courage- overcoming desire fatigue and long-term relationship blahs.

I've helped clients repair trust after affairs and build sustainable connected partnerships.

Non-traditional couples come to me to tailor non-monogamy agreements and polyamorous plans to their unique needs and desires.  I help them build long-lasting open relationships with integrity. 

Couples leave our sessions confident, connected, and ready to maintain long-term partnerships with passion.

Read more about my background, or schedule a consultation now to start a conversation about the love you want to have.



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