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Progressive. Unique. Egalitarian. Open. Atheist. Feminist. Liberal. Non-monogamous. Kinky. Polyamorous. Creative.

Whatever terms you're using, I love love in all forms.

Maybe mainstream ideas about relationships aren't a fit for you.  

Maybe you've outgrown the patterns you set up when you first got together.  

Maybe you've realized the models your parents gave you aren't a fit for you.  

Maybe you've realized most cultural norms about relationships are actually pretty unhealthy.

You're ready to re-think the way you've done relationships in the past.

You want new connection and communication patterns that fit your values.

You're ready to cultivate the relationship of your dreams.


I can help you...

  • rediscover passion in long-term relationships

  • move past jealousy, insecurity or codependency

  • resolve sexual dysfunction, disconnect and distance

  • break unhealthy communication patterns and establish sustainable new ones

  • begin open relationships and practice ethical/consensual polyamory 

For ten years I've helped thousands of couples:

  • overcome desire fatigue and long-term relationship blahs.

  • repair trust after affairs and rebuild connected partnerships. 

  • tailor non-monogamy agreements to each clients' unique desires.

  • learn skills to communicate with authenticity.

  • explore sexuality with authenticity and build lasting passionate bonds.

I help clients build long-lasting fulfilling relationships with integrity. 

Couples leave sessions confident, connected, and ready to maintain long-term passionate partnerships.

Read more about my background, or schedule a consultation now to start a conversation about the love you want to have.



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